Circling cormorants

Flourishing cormorants and another 38 turtles

7 cats and 38 turtles

How does Kris Holm relate to Christopher Reeve?

8 cats and no pelicans

Where did the Italian squirrel proctologist hide her nuts?

Kilometer coasting

C is for Closed

Flying pelicans, cormorants and Buffleheads

9 pelicans and no turtles on a rainy day

Zero Hours

Cormorant runway

9 pelicans and over 20 turtles

Wet day at the zoo

The cat trifecta

Rainy return of 9 pelicans

The cats pajamas

Cormorants in a tree

Consistent coots and cormorants

'Ja think I’m a cowboy?

Not many cormorants

No more pelicans

What's the name of the Batman animator married to the magician?

The Last Remake of At Last the 1948 sketch

What Baskin-Robbins flavor could also be a Ben & Jerry's flavor?