Cormorants in a tree


The story of my walk at lunch yesterday was cormorants. Not only did they return to the platform but some were also hanging out high in the tree behind the covered stage at the park where musical groups sometimes play.

At the baseball field at the beginning of my walk I thought I heard a hawk but I'm not sure.

It was gusty with some dark clouds, a foreboding of the rain that would arrive a few hours later.

The coots were prominent around the lake. Walking towards the island I saw Phyllis Ducker across the way in her spot and this time she stayed there until I walked around to meet her on the other side.

There were twelve turtles on the main log and two turtles on yet another new log.

The Buffleheads were in the same spot that they've been hanging out, before the Pavilion on the West side of the lake.