2 cats and lots of seabirds

DeCarlo's Angels

2 herons and 2 pie-billed grebes

Marty Back Together Again, 50 years ago today

1 gopher in need of a dentist

7 lucky cats

3 cats and 4 herons

Noisy cormorants and a pair of pie-billed grebes

Pelicans depart a third time

9 pelicans and a black-crowned night heron high in a tree

9 pelicans and a juvenile black-crowned night heron with a fish

4 pelicans, 2 black-crowned night herons and 1 great blue heron

4 pelicans, 2 pie-billed grebes and dabbling coots

2 cats, 2 pelicans and a lone turtle

Dick's Van Dyke

An osprey and a pie-billed grebe

2 pelicans and a pair of nesting mallards

Love's Labour's Lost

An elephant seal never forgets Valentine's Day

Another heron-less walk

2 cats and 3 pelicans

2 cats, 3 black-crowned night herons and 4 pelicans