8 cats and no pelicans


I didn't walk the lake Friday because I went to Cal Poly to join some coworkers for a walk around campus.

On Saturday I went for a walk around the loop and the lake with Kate. On the bike path there were two separate small groups of geese that flew overhead. The creek was showing signs of the recent rain.

We spotted eight cats on the loop:

  1. Tabby in a window
  2. Black cat on an outside windowsill
  3. Black cat (Luna) on a rock
  4. Tree cat (who's Black)
  5. Tuxedo cat in tree cat's yard
  6. Corner cat
  7. Black cat under a VW van
  8. Tux
Besides the cats there was a great blue heron is the yard where we usually see it. Just before that, the little hollow was also showing signs of the recent rain. The water level hadn't quite reached the tree that has a little triangle cutout at the bottom. There were also two geese near the creek beyond Birch's house. Birch was a white cat with some black that Kate and originally mistook for a log. I don't think she's still at Birch's house but we still call it that.

At the lake there were no pelicans. I pointed out to Kate some of the features that have been drawing my attention lately, like the three white ducks, the cormorants tree and the Buffleheads.

Midway down the East side of the lake there were a group of cormorants in the water. One by one they were taking off and land near the platform.

Just after that we saw Phyllis across the way. We ended up playing hide and seek with Phyllis. By the time we came around to where Phyllis had been, she had crossed to the other side of the lake.

There were sixteen turtles on turtle log and a great egret at the very end of the log. There were some turtles on the first log as well, but I lost the count.

I pointed out the Buffleheads to Kate. There was a small group of males diving behind the main group of non-diving females. There were also a couple small coed groups where there were diving females as well as males.