Flourishing cormorants and another 38 turtles

Yesterday continued the trend of warm weather. It was 72F by the time I completed my walk. The cormorants continued to thrive in the absence of the pelicans. There were some in their tree, some on the platform and some swimming around the lake. I saw at least one land on the tree and some from the tree landed on the lake.

There were only two white ducks on the shore North of the pier and I didn't see the third anywhere else.

In the little pocket that's Northeast of the island there was a juvenile black-crowned night heron nestled in among the bulrushes.

Between two logs there were thirty-eight turtles, the same number as the day before. However, this time there were eleven turtles on the first log and twenty-seven on the main log.

Phyllis was foraging on the bank in the area where she usually hangs out. As I passed she went into the water, joined by three other ducks.

For the first time the Buffleheads were in two disjoint groups. The smaller group was just Northwest of the island and the larger group was further North, beyond the island of bullrushes. There were some diving males even further North, almost to the Pavilion.