Rainy return of 9 pelicans


I made a brief appearance at the Game of Throws juggling festival in Palo Alto on Saturday so I didn't have time to walk. Sunday was rainy so I walked around the lake by myself.

The biggest surprise was the return of the pelicans, nine of them.

It was drizzling and I spent some time among the ducks on the shore North of the pier. I believe the phenomenon I've been calling Burgess Mereduck is the sound of female mallards. However, the sounds I've found online are more subdued and monotone than the sounds I hear from the mallards around the lake which is more like laughter.

Phyllis Ducker was rooting around Southwest of the island.

There were two wet turtles on turtle log, along with a male and female mallard:

I spotted a great egret walking along a little track among the bullrushes.

The big bunch of Buffleheads were still Southwest of the Pavilion. I think most of these are female. Among them on Sunday I saw three to four males diving for food. As with many birds, the markings on the males are much more distinctive.