9 pelicans and no turtles on a rainy day

The main news of yesterday's lunch walk was that it was raining. There were some people fishing but not many walking around the lake. I saw two white ducks on the shore North of the pier and another that was swimming not far off.

There was a great egret across the lake when I started the walk but when I got close to it, it took off and landed about thirty yards away, back in the direction I had come from.

There were two pelicans with some cormorants on the platform and far across the lake on the West side there was a group of seven more swimming South.

By the time I got to the area in front of the big oak tree that split a few months ago, one of the pelicans had broken away from the pack and was swimming nearby.

There were no turtles on any log.

Phyllis was in her spot with her gang:

The Buffleheads were about where they were yesterday except they were at about a third of their usual number. There were less than twenty of them.

As I was getting close to the Pavilion I looked back and saw the six pelicans had swam over to join the other pelican in the area Northeast of the island.

It was too rainy to go to juggling.