Cormorant runway

I spotted nine pelicans on my walk at lunch yesterday, the same number as the day before. However, they were moving around a lot and I didn't land on that final number until I was almost all the way around the lake.

Cormorants were taking off from the platform and then landing at a spot North of the pier. At least three did this and they were joined by another cormorant who took off from a tree where several were gathered. A pelican also landed on the runway and I'm thinking there must have been fish in the area.

I saw a small group of pelicans flying across the lake and two landed near the platform.

While I was walking down the West side of the lake I spied Phyllis on the East side of the lake, around the mid point. She was heading South and I eventually met up with her on the other side. She was coming down the inlet around the island.

I counted thirty-one turtles total on the logs South of the island.

There were twenty on the main log all by itself:

There were three on another log until a great egret came over and stood on it. That made two turtles jump off although I didn't see it live.

Continuing the trend, the Buffleheads drifted further South. I didn't see any obvious males among them. There was the odd coot paddling through their numbers.