7 cats and 38 turtles


The weather warmed up for the walk I went on with Kate on Sunday. We spotted seven cats total: four around the loop, two around the lake and one as we came home (Tux).

The four cats we saw around the loop were the black cat who was on the windowsill on Saturday but was at the corner of his house Sunday, a tuxedo cat just beyond the goats who were briefly free range, the tuxedo cat where tree cat lives and a cat across from the yard with a dog sculpture. Around the lake there was a calico in a window and a cat crossing the street from the lake, walking up steps and waiting at the hidden door.

Besides cats, we saw that the two geese from the day before were gone. I noticed that the creek has a post in it that's another way to gauge the water level. It was about a foot from the top.

The great blue heron was in the same yard as the day before. There were nine features in the next yard that were new since Saturday. We also spotted two red-tailed hawks high in a tree.

At the lake there were the usual three white ducks North of the pier and the cormorants in their tree. The platform was empty but a cormorant practiced doing a low pass on the platform. There were several cormorants coming in the other direction, South to North. One after another would take off and fly in the direction of the platform. The cormorants were taking advantage of the pelicans deserting the lake again.

There were nine turtles on the first log and then a whopping twenty-nine on turtle log for a total of thirty-eight. That was my age when I started unicycling which is also twice the number on my SLO Ballerz jersey, chosen for that exact reason.

Not only was the log lousy with turtles but there was also a mallard couple at the very end.

Phyllis was on the bank near her usual hangout.

A group of cormorants paced us as we walked North along the West side of the lake. They were diving as they gradually swam North.

As we came to the Pavilion a great egret flew towards and landed on the empty platform.

In the afternoon I went to Del Mar Park in Morro Bay to play unicycle basketball with my buddy Mark. The pickleball courts were empty because the courts were being resurfaced.

We played three games of Knockout. Mark won the rubber match to have the opportunity to choose possession but missed the 3-pointer so I started with the ball.

We played six games total with a brief break to shoot a short Instagram video after game three. My scores in the first three games were a Fibonacci sequence: 6, 10 and 16. I got 13 in game four, 12 in game five and ended with 20 in the last game.

We finished the day with two games of 7's that I won.