How does Kris Holm relate to Christopher Reeve?


Kris Holm is a business owner, geoscientist and one of the pioneers of ____ unicycling. The outro to the TV show Welcome Back, Kotter prominently featured a unicyclist riding down the street carrying a ____. John ____ White played Mr. Woodman on that show and was married to Joan Alexander who voiced ____ in the radio show The Adventures of Superman (as well as the Max Fleischer cartoons). Actor Christopher Reeve was best-known for playing Superman in movies and trained with weight-lifting champion ____ for the role.

ǝsʍoɹԀ pᴉʌɐᗡ 5
ǝuɐ⅂ sᴉo⅂ ߤ
ɹǝʇsǝʌʅʎS ↋
ʇǝnbɔɐɹ sᴉuuǝʇ ↊
uᴉɐʇunoɯ ⇂