Not many cormorants

It happened to the pelicans and now it's happened to the cormorants. There were no cormorants on the platform when I did my walk at lunch yesterday, although I may have seen one or two singletons in flight. I wonder if the stock of fish has dwindled below a certain amount to cause the departures or if it's part of their migration patterns.

A while ago they took all the signs on the baseball field's fence down except for one. I suppose they'll add more once the season starts up in Spring.

I came close to getting a quick video of Burgess Mereduck on the shore North of the pier. However, I believe he was just out of frame. He remains elusive.

Kate joined me on my walk and as we were at the midpoint of the lake we looked over and saw Phyllis Ducker over on the Southwest part of the lake where she usually hangs out. As we walked towards the island she swam across the lake in our direction with a cadre of cohorts. Around the same time we saw a great egret flying in the opposite direction and landing high in a tree in the Southwest corner of the lake.

It was overcast but there was still a pile of at least eleven turtles on their log:

As we approached the Pavilion there were those same small duck-like birds that I've mentioned before.