Consistent coots and cormorants


The lake was quiet on my walk yesterday. I still felt the absence of the pelicans but the coots have stepped up to draw my attention. There were many scattered around the lake, alone, in pairs and in small groups. At least three times I saw one chase another one.

Three times was also how often I heard a Mereduck around the lake, laughing. First was in the usual area, the shore North of the pier where a bunch of mixed ducks congregate. The second was directly across on the opposite side of the lake. The third was among Phyllis Ducker's gang in the Southwest corner of the lake. It's possible that Phyllis Ducker is herself a Mereduck but I don't think so.

As I approached the island, Phyllis crossed the lake from her usual hangout towards my direction like she did the day before.

South of the island, for the first time I saw turtles on small log that comes up before turtle log. There were four on that log and eight on turtle log.

Approaching the Pavilion, I saw a great egret in the bullrushes and in the background were Buffleheads. I think that may the name of those small, duck-like birds that have been hanging out in that part of the lake en masse.

As I got closer to the Pavilion I looked towards the middle of the lake and saw five or six cormorants floating on the water close together. One then a second cormorant flew towards them and joined the group.