Circling cormorants

Yesterday the temperature dropped ten degrees from the day before and was partly cloudy. All three white ducks were on or near the shore when I got to the lake. The cormorants tree was well-occupied. They were doing something interesting I hadn't seen before. A cormorant perched on the tree would take off, fly in a couple wide circles,then land back on the tree. Just after that bird landed another would take off and do the same thing. I saw this at least three times while I was in range to view it.

The cormorants also occupied the platform.

There was a lone female Bufflehead diving in the little area that bulges out Northeast of the island. I thought that was strange but noticed the Buffleheads were strung out over a wider area so the seeming solitary one wasn't too far from others.

Turtles were close to maximum occupancy on the first and last logs and there were three on the middle log.

Phyllis was as far North as I've seen her, just past the midpoint. She was with her group of ten to twelve ducks before splitting off from the group. She was next to a diving male Bufflehead for a short time.

I forgot to mention that last weekend on a walk around the loop I heard red-winged blackbirds at multiple locations but didn't see any. I also heard them around the lake in recent days. Yesterday was my first clear sighting this season and the bird was in the area where I usually saw them last season, the bullrushes around the midpoint on the West side of the lake. I noticed that the bird would puff out as it made its distinctive sound.