9 pelicans and over 20 turtles

Yesterday as I ascended the embankment to start my walk around the lake there was a squirrel chattering high overhead in a tree. There were three white ducks amongst the mallards on the shore North of the pier. Two pelicans were swimming in the vicinity and they eventually made there way onto the shore, joining the ducks.

Phyllis was on the Eastern side of the lake, about at the halfway point. That's as far North as I recall seeing her. She made her way across towards the East side of the lake as I did the same, although I took the long way around.

It rained overnight and in the morning but tapered off by the time I went on my walk. Maybe that weather condition contributed to the explosion of turtles on the logs South of the island. Besides the fifteen that were on turtle log there were two, four and two on other logs for a total of twenty-three turtles.

The great egret was hanging out in the matted down bullrushes just North of the island, the same spot as the day before.

The Buffleheads drifted slightly Southwest compared to the day before and I only spotted one diving male.