C is for Closed

Today's Video Link on News From Me is for a Three Stooges movie that Mark saw at the Bruin Theater in Westwood. I've had issues distinguishing it from the Village Theater across the way. My pneumonic is to remember that Diddy Riese is on the same side of Broxton as the Bruin and I picture a bear eating cookies. The Village Theater has the tower as well.

It's nice to see that Diddy Riese is still apparently going strong (as well as Mr. Noodle next door). Both theaters were boarded up in Google Maps but they seem to be open now. However, I'm sad to see a couple of my favorites in the proximity are gone. Stan's Donuts closed down April 9, 2020 and Jose Bernstein's closed sometime between January and September 2017 based on the Google Maps history.

That's a cool feature of Google Maps I haven't seen before. It's too bad it only goes back to 2007.