Wet day at the zoo


After my walk around the lake yesterday I went to the zoo for the first time this year. My last visit was December 28th.

The drizzle mostly stopped by the time I got to the zoo but the ground was wet and many of the animals were hiding in their dry hidey holes.

There were only two new flamingo chicks this season. A few weeks ago they went to the vet but only one came back. There was still only one on Sunday and it's more than half pink by now.

The tiger Menderu was in his house when I first walked by. I went past the binturong enclosure into the red panda exhibit but they were locked away in their inside house.

The white-crested laughing thrush was being friendly. After I walked down the ramp I checked in on Menderu again. He was out and pacing.

Leon was hiding in his corner and Izzy was absent the first time I walked by. Mango was out to say hello.

After I made the full rounds of the zoo I went back to check on Izzy. He was eating. He would take one of his food pellets, wet it in the water feature in his enclosure, then go up into the corner to eat it. He kept dropping his food. First he dropped a food pellet, then he grabbed a lettuce leaf to munch and dropped that after a few bites. We hung out a little bit after his wet meal.