2 pelicans and a pair of nesting mallards

I didn't walk the lake for two straight days. On Tuesday I went to San Jose to pick my mom up at the airport and on Wednesday I went with Kate and my mom to see the elephant seals in Piedras Blancas on Valentine's Day.

I walked around the lake with my mom yesterday. There were only two pelicans, down from three the last time I was there.

There were lots of cormorants, on their main tree, on the platform with the solar panels and swimming in the lake. There was even one lone cormorant on the secondary cormorant tree on the island. Towards the end of the walk the cormorants massed in the middle of the lake, presumably feeding on fish.

We saw the two white ducks and a great blue heron as well as a pair of nesting mallards. 

There were lots of turtles and I pointed out diving male buffleheads, the first time I saw one in the spur Northeast of the island.