Dick's Van Dyke


On my read through News From ME I recently made it to November 2006Chris Hayward, R.I.P. was posted on November 23rd. 22 Pearls was posted less than a week later, on November 28th. After reading Mark Evanier's obit of Chris Hayward I read the Wikipedia article and found out that he won a 1968 Emmy for co-writing an episode of He & She (and co-wrote ten of the twenty-six episodes).

It was the first time I heard about that show and I made special note of it because of the subject matter. I added it to my list of shows whose premise involves comics, comic strips or animation. I was curious that this credit wasn't called out in the obit but it could have been omitted for brevity or relevance. It's also possible, gasp, that Mark wasn't aware of that credit at the time. Mark has an encyclopedic knowledge of these subjects and truly impressive recall and it's unlikely but possible.

22 Pearls mentions Alan Oppenheimer being featured on He and She. In the post Mark extends a lunch invitation to Alan Oppenheimer with an offer to present him with tapes of the show. It seems like this would have been an opportunity to mention Chris Hayward since he co-wrote one of the episodes Alan Oppenheimer was in (not to mention the name, if not plot, of that episode). I'm curious if Mark ever got that lunch and/or delivered those tapes. I'll keep reading to find out.

In other blog news, I was pleased to see on Pen-Elayne on the Web that the latest episode of the Grand Adventures of the Tan Newsboy Cap concluded successfully