7 lucky cats

Yesterday proved to be a lucky day for spotting cats. Kate and I walked the loop where we spotted six cats and my mom joined us for the loop around the lake where we spotted the seventh cat, a fluffy orange one lolling on his cat tree with his paw draped over the end.

The six cats around the loop were:

  • A cat lying on top of a trash can
  • Luna hiding in a pile of logs
  • Corner cat
  • A cat lying under a van
  • A black cat and a white cat spotted from the bike path

It was funny because in the early part of the walk I mentioned we hadn't spotted cats from the bike path in a long time and then we saw some when we were walking back.

When we were walking on the bike path to the loop we saw an osprey high in a tree. Later on in the hollow we saw a matching pair of buffleheads, the first time we've seen them there.

Like the day before, the weather was sunny and the lake was calm. Cormorants were on their main tree and the platform and there was a large contingent in the middle of the lake.

For the first time I noticed a sign on the island that says:

Keep Out

The black-crowned night heron was back high in the tree in the parking area West of the island. I also spotted a pie-billed grebe in the lake nearby, the same area I saw two the day before.

We didn't see Phyllis at all.