DeCarlo's Angels

Back on January 15th the cartoon header for News from ME changed to Groo at the keyboard with Rufferto sharing the chair behind and looking at Mark. Early this morning it changed to one with Mark sitting at his computer looking at his iPhone, wearing a cast on his left ankle, surrounded by a trio of nurses that possibly moonlight as a certain girl group rock band (one has a syringe, one has a tray of pills and the last one has a platter with a bowl of soup on it). Unfortunately, this commemorates Mark breaking his ankle, a harrowing tale.

The graphic is the first Sergio Aragonés cartoon header drawn since I've been reading the blog consecutively again. It's also the first time that I've seen the year as part of Sergio's signature. This header may last throughout Mark's convalescence. The artwork is great but once it's gone, I hope we don't see it again.