2 herons and 2 pie-billed grebes

Yesterday was another cool and calm day at the lake. I walked around it with my mom who's still visiting. There were cormorants in their main and secondary trees and there were some on the platform as well. I didn't see any swimming in the lake.

The white duck with the dark bill was near the usual shore but the orange-billed duck was across the lake on the opposite shore, an unusual occurrence. Phyllis was again visiting the ducks North of the pier. As we started walking South along the lake the white duck started crossing the lake and Phyllis started swimming South with a coterie.

The black-crowned night heron was back high in the tree in the parking area East of the island. A great blue heron was on one of the turtle logs, sharing it with a couple to turtles.

Phyllis met us on the West side of the lake. There were buffleheads in the area but we didn't see any males there. There were some in the spur Northeast of the island. I keep forgetting to mention the red-winged blackbirds but there were several.

Lately I've been working to spot pie-billed grebes. Yesterday I managed to spot two.