4 pelicans, 2 pie-billed grebes and dabbling coots


Yesterday I went for a walk around the lake with my mom. The main cormorant tree was mostly empty. They were on the platform as well as massed in the water just North of the platform. I spotted dabbling American coots in two separate locations. We also spotted four pelicans.

There was a decent number of turtles on various logs and Phyllis was sleeping on the bank with her crew.

We spotted pie-billed grebes in two separate locations. I saw a great blue heron fly in and take the place of a cormorant high in a tree Northwest of the island.

I spotted a juvenile black-crowned night heron partially hidden in the bulrushes on the West side of the lake.

There was a small flotilla of male buffleheads drifting South on the West side of the lake. They were preening and not diving for a change.

Later in the afternoon I went to the zoo.