4 pelicans, 2 black-crowned night herons and 1 great blue heron


The confluence of multiple atmospheric rivers was over-hyped but the overnight rain yielded a slight rise in the water level of the lake. Yesterday there was a little less shore North of the pier. There were only a few birds on the main cormorant tree. There were many on the platform and also massed in the middle of the lake with four pelicans milling around.

The weather alternated between windy and rainy then sunny and calm. I spotted a juvenile black-crowned night heron in the Northeast corner of the lake. Then, a little later, I spotted a flying adult black-crowned night heron.

In the Northeast part of the island I spotted a great blue heron.

There were a few turtles on logs. I noticed mallard couples in multiple places, including what used to be the main turtle log.

Phyllis and her crew were swimming around in the channel South of the island.

The buffleheads were in two separate groups close together and there were several diving males North of both groups.

I saw several red-winged blackbirds including a pair that were very close together.