Marty Back Together Again, 50 years ago today


It's not particularly surprising that I would see a video that has Marty Feldman singing a Tom Lehrer song in my YouTube feed today. That video is:

It's also not surprising that when I did a search I found the same video as Today's Video Link from Friday, August 1, 2008 in News From Me, a popular lifestyle blog that I follow that's focused on beverages. What is mildly coincidental is that one of the other episodes in the 4-episode series was broadcast exactly 50 years ago today.

I found this YouTube playlist which has longer video from the episodes.

The videos are from a show called Marty Back Together Again that was broadcast on BBC1 from February 20th to March 27th, 1974.¹

The title of the show was certainly reflective of a national concern for Marty's health.²

¹ Robert Ross, in Marty Feldman : the biography of a comedy legend (London: Titan Books, 2011), p. 316.
² Ibid., p. 209.