Another heron-less walk

Yesterday proved to be another heron-less walk. It started out with many cormorants on their main tree. 

There were mallards and coots and the two white ducks in the area North of the pier as usual. Cormorants also occupied the platform. There were the same three pelicans as Sunday and a lone cormorant was brazen enough to swim through them.

There were several cormorants on their secondary tree that's in the North part of the island.

It was cool but sunny and turtles continued to occupy most of the available spots on logs.

I spotted Phyllis sleeping, tucked away near the drain pipe South of the island. On second glance I noticed her crew sleeping on the bank nearby, hidden in shadow. I'll have to keep an eye on that area in the future because I may have overlooked Phyllis there before.

The buffleheads were more spread out than usual. There was an entire contingent of 25-30 birds just Northwest of the island. I spotted a diving male nearby them.

I heard the sound of red-winged blackbirds at two distinct locations but didn't spot any.

As I came to the Pavilion I saw 8-10 cormorants flying North, landing among a large group that also included the pelicans. I'm guessing the fishing suddenly got good at that spot. Walking past the baseball field I looked over at the main cormorant tree and saw there were only a few birds left there.