2 cats and 3 pelicans

Sunday was a two-cat day. Kate and I spotted the tuxedo cat in tree cat's yard then also corner cat. Around the loop there were five mallards swimming in the hollow and Kate spotted the great blue heron deep in the yard it's usually at.

Around the lake the main cormorant tree was vacant, but the platform was full and there were several in their secondary tree near the island.

We didn't spot any egrets or herons of any kind. There were three pelicans, down from the four the day before. They ended up following us across the lake when we came around.

We saw the two white ducks but not Phyllis. We wondered if she sometimes hangs out on the island somewhere.

The weather was chilly again but we left later than Saturday and it was sunny so turtles crowded the available logs.

There were some buffleheads apart from the main group and we spotted a handful of diving males around the main group.

We stopped briefly at the zoo at the end of our walk. Most of the animals were in their usual places.

Menderu the tiger was lying down on his side at the left side of his cage.

Bea and Johnson the binturongs were deep in the back of their cage at the higher level.

The red panda was sitting in the small evergreen tree.

The white-crested laughing thrush didn't come out to say hi like usual.

Leon the dwarf crocodile was in the back corner of his pool.

Izzy the spider monkey was getting sun in the back tier of his cage.

Mango the parrot was at the bottom of her cage in front of a door like she was waiting for food. The other parrots in her cage were vocal like they sometimes are. It sounded like one was saying, "Hi" and "Noratu".

The anteater walked into its enclosure as we walked by.

One of the mongoose lemurs was peeking at us from both sides of its cage, one high and one low.