An osprey and a pie-billed grebe

Yesterday I walked around the lake with my mom on my lunch break. It was about five degrees warmer than the day before. We saw lots of cormorants on their main tree and a handful on the secondary tree. They were on the platform but not many were swimming in the lake. Two pelicans were swimming in the middle of the lake.

Phyllis was mixed in with the ducks on the shore North of the pier. It was the first time I noticed that phenomenon. I'm curious if it's a trend that will continue or if it was a one-time occurrence.

When we were at the midpoint of the East side of the lake we saw an osprey circling overhead.

There were lots of turtles in the usual places.

There was a small contingent of buffleheads just Northwest of the island and it included a few diving males.

Between them and the main group of buffleheads there was a single pie-billed grebe.

As we passed the zoo we heard the red-legged seriemas sounding off.