3 cats and 4 herons

Yesterday I went for a walk around the lake with Kate and my mom and for a walk around the loop with just Kate.

It was a quiet and sunny day. There were lots of cormorants on their main tree as well as on the platform. There was also a group of them swimming just North of the island and we saw a bunch of them flying to join that group.

Around the lake we saw both a juvenile and an adult black-crowned night heron. We also saw a great blue heron on what used to be the main turtle log, before it was submerged by the rising water level.

There lots of coots and a pie-billed grebe North of the pier. The two white ducks were also on the nearby shore. There were also coots and at least two mallard couples scattered around the lake.

The buffleheads were on the West side of the lake and there were a few diving males among them.

Around the loop we spotted a cat on the bench part of a picnic table in a yard. Kate spotted a black cat on a roof. We spotted Tux as we left for the walk which makes three cats total.

Also around the loop we saw a great blue heron in the usual yard. It flew down and landed just as we were walking by.