2 cats, 2 pelicans and a lone turtle

Yesterday I went on a walk with Kate around the loop and the lake. We saw Tux as we were leaving and we saw a black cat in a yard for a total of two cats. The sky had dark clouds threatening rain which didn't come until early afternoon. There were three mallards swimming in the hollow, two males and a female. We didn't see the great blue heron in the yard that we sometimes do.

Around the lake, the two white ducks were in the area North of the pier. The cormorant tree was vacant. There were cormorants on the platform as well as massed in a small area Southwest of the platform. Two pelicans were swimming nearby.

We didn't see herons of any kind. There was a single turtle on a small log. Phyllis was back in her usual area after spending time with the Northern ducks the day before. She was up on the bank near some walkers then walked into the water to join her crew as we walked by.

There were plenty of coots in various parts of the lake and I spotted a diving male bufflehead just Northwest of the island. The rest of the buffleheads were in their usual place.