2 cats, 3 black-crowned night herons and 4 pelicans

Yesterday's walk started out chilly and foggy. Around the loop Kate and I saw corner cat and Kate spotted a black and white cat standing at the front door of a house as if standing guard. We saw evidence of the effects of the recent rain in the creek and other usual places. The hollow was especially full.

We saw the great blue heron in the usual yard. There were two turkey vultures in the one tree they often hang out at and later on there was another one perched on a fence post.

There was a box and some junk mail in the middle of the street at one point, as if scattered from the recycle truck. We put it in a nearby blue recycling bin.

In the Northern part of the lake there were the two white ducks, mallards and coots. A great egret was perched on the chain link fence that surrounds the equipment that controls the valve.

Cormorants were flying around and there were four pelicans, down from six the day before.

Phyllis met us on the East side and then both Phyllis and her crew and the four pelicans followed us and met us on the West side.

There were three black-crowned night herons around the lake, each at different spots.

It was too chilly for any turtles.

The buffleheads were dispersed along the West side as usual, but they were more spread out than the day before. I didn't notice any males.

In the afternoon I went to Del Mar Park in Morro Bay to play unicycle basketball with my buddy Mark. I had a shooting drought from the second half of the fourth game all the way through the fifth game. My scores were 15, 15, 13, 9, 2 and 17.