10 pelicans return

Yesterday I walked the lake on my lunch break alone for a change. The main cormorant tree was empty and there were a few cormorants on the platform. I didn't see any swimming at first and I was wondering if maybe there was a big departure. However, when I got close enough I saw there was a large, very active contingent swimming just North of the island.

There were some turtles on the usual logs. The big surprise was that when I came around the island I spotted ten pelicans. They had been absent from the lake for almost a whole week.

The other big thing was that the small birds that hang out on the West side of the lake were closer to shore than they usually are and I finally got a decent look at them. I've been calling them buffleheads although I've suspected for the past couple weeks they might be something else. I can now accept that they are ruddy ducks. There are still actual buffleheads at the lake. In fact, yesterday I saw a group of five or six diving male buffleheads Northeast of the island.

At a couple spots on the West side of the lake I spotted a big group of what looked like some type of swallow flying overhead.

My mom walked the lake later in the afternoon by herself and reported seeing a great blue heron and seeing and hearing a pie-billed grebe.