Lone pelican poaching cormorants

Yesterday the water level at the lake raised another six to eight inches from the rain overnight. It was mostly sunny when I started my walk but I ended up getting caught in the rain just as I was taking a picture of the first spot where water flows over the road into the lake. I was surprised to see that not only was the fallen tree from the day before moved off the fence, but the whole area was cleaned up. There seemed to be relatively minor damage to the fence:

When I first saw the cormorant tree I thought there was only one cormorant in it, but when I looked at a different angle I saw three.

Two white ducks are the new normal in the area North of the pier. I wonder what happened to that third one.

As I walked along the North edge of the lake I saw a osprey flying overhead:

I spotted the great egret first on the East side and then again when it flew across to the West side.

There were nine pelicans Sunday but yesterday there was a single one. It was mixing in with the cormorants, trying (and sometimes succeeding) to poach their fish.

The main turtle log was mostly submerged with seven wet turtles on the part above water.

I saw Phyllis swimming close to the bank on the West side, a little North of her usual area. I realized that she is a white crested duck. The buffleheads were also on the West side of the lake as usual. I spotted a male who wasn't diving. There were also some buffleheads in the spur Northeast of the island.

I saw the osprey a few more times on my walk and caught it briefly in the following video. When I was almost done with my walk it landed first in the baseball field and then on a post on the far side of the field. Each time it proved camera shy.