Dark clouds and an impending storm

Kate joined me on my lunch walk yesterday. Dark skies and gusty winds that rippled the surface of the lake foretold the rain that came later, a so-called atmospheric river. Continuing the decline, the temperature was 56.

The three white ducks were on or around the shore North of the pier and the cormorants were in their tree as usual. The pelicans remained absent and this time they may be gone until next season.

We spotted a great egret about a quarter of the way down the East side but by the time we got there, it took off and flew to the other side of the lake.

The cormorants crowded the platform but there was also a group swimming down at the South end. By the time we came around there were cormorants from the platform taking off to join the Southern group.

We saw two matched pairs of mallards sleeping on a bank.

There was a lone female Bufflehead diving in the spur Northeast of the island, possibly the same one I saw there before.

There were a couple turtles on two logs and less than ten on the main log.

Phyllis was in her usual spot with a posse of three other ducks.

The Buffleheads continued to be strung out along a long section of the West side of the lake. We saw at least three diving males.

The great egret continued to evade us.