Blustery day

Sunday was rainy and windy so I walked around the lake by myself. I was videorecording the wind on the baseball field and I happened to catch the wind blowing down a small tree onto the fence, partially crushing it.

The main group of cormorants were grouped together in the center of the lake. Nine pelicans roamed around either following some cormorants or being followed by them.

The two white ducks were harboring in the tiny bay South of the pier.

There were great blue herons on two different logs. The first was around the midpoint on the West side and the second was South of the island. That log also had a matched pair of mallards.

Phyllis was swimming with a small group South of the island.

The buffleheads can't catch a break. On Saturday the pelicans were bothering them and Sunday the wind was buffeting them about.

I stopped at the zoo after my walk. I wasn't expecting to see many animals out and they weren't. The white-crested laughing thrush was friendly despite the wet and the wind.