Another rainy walk

It rained on my walk around the lake yesterday, the second time in a row. This time I was prepared and wore my raincoat. Runoff was flowing into the West side of the lake in the two usual spots and runoff was also flowing into the East side.

Cormorants occupied their tree and the platform and there were a few scattered around the lake, swimming. One took off from the tree and landed in the area North of the pier. There were many ducks foraging around the Northern edge of the lake with coots spreading up the bank, including mallards and the two white ducks. Mallards and coots were also spread around the lake.

A lone pelican was floating in the middle of the lake, hunkered down and minding its own business.

I spotted the juvenile black-crowned night heron around the middle of the East side.

A handful of buffleheads were scattered Northeast of the island with their main contingent around the middle of the West side, including several diving males.

Like the day before there were wet turtles crowded at the end of the main log that was above water.

I first spotted Phyllis way out in the middle of the lake but by the time I made my way around to her turf she had closed most of the distance towards it.

I saw and heard a red-winged blackbird in the usual spot in the bulrushes.