6 pelicans and a turtle mirage

The lake was quiet yesterday when I did my walk. There was good sun at the time but it was chilly and rained later in the afternoon.

A great blue heron joined the two white ducks and assorted mallards North of the pier.

The cormorant tree was full as usual and six pelicans were swimming around the platform when I started my walk, up from the single one the day before.

There was a great egret at the edge of the water below the Pavilion.

Phyllis and her crew was swimming into the spur Northeast of the island as I walked by. I heard the sound of a red-winged blackbird coming from the island.

Turtles continued to crowd the main turtle log which is now mostly under water. They spread out to the middle log and I counted ten there, the most I've seen. The first log is also mostly underwater. There was a turtle on the little knot that's above water and from the angle I took the photo it looks like the turtle is standing on a reflection.

As I rounded the lake I looked across to the Eastern side and saw all six pelicans flying to a spot a little North of the spur.

The buffleheads were still grouped along the midpoint of the West side of the lake and I saw a couple diving males.