4 cats and pelicans disrupting buffleheads

On Saturday morning I went on a walk with Kate. We spotted two cats on the loop, a cat in a window and corner cat, and two cats around the lake, the same cat inside on a cat tree that I saw last week, and a black and white cat rolling in their driveway.

On the loop, when we were at the house of the formerly free range goats, two hawks flew directly overhead. They were calling to each other in short bursts, then landed on a tree. One of the hawks then flew away from the tree, crossed the street and landed in another tree.

The post that I was using as a measure of the water level was completely submerged. The water in the hollow was past the triangular notch in the tree and there were two mallard couples swimming around.

At the lake there were still only two white ducks near the pier. The cormorant tree started full but one after another, several cormorants took off flying towards the Southern part of the lake.

There was a great egret North of the spur that's Northeast of the island.

Pelicans and cormorants were spread across in a wide line just North of the island. A group of pelicans swam into the spur and then back in the opposite direction.

There were no turtles on the first log but there were four wet turtles on the middle log. The main log was lightly occupied.

Phyllis was foraging on the bank with a small group of ducks. I included some footage of her in the following video. It starts panning across the line of cormorants and pelicans, then shows Phyllis, then shows the pelicans plowing through the buffleheads. The pelicans paced us, swimming in a line as we walked North on the East side of the lake. They caused a major disruption as they pierced the group of buffleheads. For the first time I saw male buffleheads above the surface for an extended time.

In the afternoon I played unicycle basketball with my buddy Mark at Del Mar Park in Morro Bay. We squeezed in five games before the rain started and I scored 10, 13, 8, 15 and 12. I had a minor fall when our pedals collided on a drive I was making and ended up with a scratch on my elbow.