1 cat and a disappearing tree

The most notable thing on my walk yesterday was the complete absence of the tree that contributed to the damage to the fence at the baseball field. The tree had twin trunks and the wind blew over one on Sunday, the fallen tree was cleaned up on Monday and the still-standing trunk was removed sometime before my walk yesterday, Wednesday.

Another anomaly was that I didn't see Phyllis which was the first time that's happened in a while.

Kate joined me for the walk and spotted the black and white cat. She also spotted the great egret in the bulrushes before the Pavilion.

The cormorants tree was full. One cormorant took off from it, did a circle and landed back in the tree. The lone pelican started off sharing the platform with cormorants and was swimming around by the time we rounded the lake.

The two white ducks were in their usual place North of the pier which was also flush with coots.

There were a couple turtles on two different logs, several were crowded at the island-end of the main log and a lone turtle was at the lake-end of the main log, now an island itself.

The buffleheads were hanging out as usual and we spotted two males who had gone back to their usual practice of constant diving.