1 cat and 7 pelicans


Yesterday on my walk I saw that there were seven pelicans remaining to hold down the fort. At first there were six clustered on or around the platform with the long straggler swimming further South. Then later on there were two or three on the platform with the rest swimming nearby.

The cormorant tree was full and there was overflow of a couple birds on a nearby evergreen tree. I saw a cormorant approaching from below and landing on the main tree.

There were still only two white ducks North of the pier. I saw the female Bufflehead in the spur Northeast of the island again.

I spotted a great blue heron just East of the island.

There were about eight turtles on the first log and two wet turtles on the middle log. The main log was fully occupied. The recent rain made it so part of the log is completely underwater. A coot swam up to the notch, then walked over it with its feet still in the water.

Phyllis was swimming back and forth in her usual area with her usual group.

The Buffleheads had a small Southern contingent. I noticed a half dozen males diving in the main contingent.

I spotted a cat sitting inside on its cat tree, staring out at the lake.

Walking back past the baseball field I heard a hawk screeching in the distance. That reminded me of something I forgot to mention the day before. The day before yesterday I saw three hawks circling separately high above the baseball field. One called and one of the others seemed to call in response.