Pentagrams and juggling at the docks in Morro Bay

Last Wednesday I juggled at the docks in Morro Bay and I got some good practice passing eight clubs between two jugglers. I had my best run which was twenty passes.

The Saturday previous to that was a makeup for a rainy Wednesday (the regular day). On that day we got in some good practice with five jugglers arranged in a pentagram.

This first video from that Saturday starts with Omega 3-count. An omega pass is when all jugglers pass at the same time (and there are three or more jugglers). In a triangle or square, inside and outside omega passes are possible, but in pentagrams and hexagrams inside omega passes are likely to result in a collision.

The second video shows the pattern Take Five:

I went over these patterns in this video:

Note that the video thumbnail shows the result of an inside omega-5 pass.