Alternate history of the Candelabra passing pattern

Chuck Fernald posted a video of the Candelabra passing pattern. It was nice to see some familiar faces. I've juggled this pattern at juggling festivals with Chuck but didn't know its name. I realize that this was probably developed in an additive way but here's my alternative history of how it might have happened in an alternate dimension. I'll use some terminology from my Juggling Blocks system:

Jugglers a, b, c, d, e and f meet at juggling club and arrange themselves into a six-pack (Juggling Block III) such that a, b and c are in a row facing d, e and f (respectively).

The pattern template that they decide to juggle is LSMSRSMS (pass-to-the-left self pass-to-the-middle self pass-to-the-right self pass-to-the-middle self). That gives four passes to b and e and three passes to everyone else.

Two new jugglers, g and h, join the arrangement in such a way that g is to the left of d and h is to the right of f (Juggling Block JIL).

This gives an additional pass to a and c. However, g and h only have one pass out of eight throws and since that's a little boring to them they see if they can switch back and forth from their regular positions to a position behind e. That makes a's R pass go between d and e and c's L pass go between e and f. When g is behind e, b and d can't do their R pass because of a collision and when h is behind e, b and f can't do their L pass for the same reason. That means when g and h are both behind e, the passes for b, d and f are only M.

h has to leave but g notices that they can take over both the R pass from a (since it's between d and e) and the L pass from c (since it's between e and f).

Another way of looking at the Candelabra arrangement is that it's like a JIL block with the following changes:

  • a changes from an L juggler to a T juggler
  • b changes from a T juggler to an I juggler
  • c changes from a J juggler to a T juggler
  • d changes a J juggler to an I juggler
  • e stays the same
  • f changes from an L juggler to an I juggler
  • g and h change from being separate A and J jugglers into a single V juggler

Candelabras can be joined with two linking jugglers in which case they will be pointing in opposite directions. The easiest way to do this is to start with an 8-pack (juggling block IIIIIIII):

And then move the fifth juggler in the first row behind the seventh juggler in the first row and move the fourth juggler in the second row behind the second juggler in the second row like this:

A restriction of the Candelabra arrangement is that R and L passes need to be made with the right hand.

Two obvious Candelabra variations are the Buddhist Candelabra (LMRM) and the Chocolate Candelabra (LMSSRMSS).