7 pelicans playing hide and seek

On Thursday when I did my lunch walk around the lake I saw ten pelicans total, the usual cormorants on the platform in the middle of the lake and nine turtles on the log at the halfway point. Close to the start of my walk I saw a group of American coots and other assorted ducks in their usual position near the tiny pier.

They were foraging on the shore and carrying on a bit like they often do:

It wasn't until a little later that I heard the ducks make the sound that reminds me of Burgess Meredith's Penguin from the 1960's Batman TV show starring Adam West. It usually makes me laugh out loud.

After I walked away from the coots I noticed three pelicans. Two were swimming together with the sun shining on them:

After I passed the cormorants I spotted seven pelicans swimming in a line on the opposite side of the lake:

When I was at the halfway point where the path is closest to Santa Rosa Road I counted nine turtles on the log jutting from the island:

When I got to the place where the seven pelicans had been I found that we had swapped places and they were back where I was when I first spotted them.