5 cats, 3 pelicans and uni bball

Yesterday was Saturday and Kate and I went on our regular weekend walk. We spotted five cats total. However, we saw more cats around what I call the loop (two) than we did around the lake (three) which is highly unusual. For the two cats, one was across from the yard with occasionally free range goats and the other was at one house up from it. For the three cats, one was at the house at the South end of the lake that goes all out for holiday decorations and the second one was at the house where I previously saw the cat sitting on the back of an easy chair (inside). This was a fluffy black cat just outside the door. We usually see this cat in the next yard over. However, Saturday we saw the black and white cow cat in that yard.

Also around the loop, we saw two acorn woodpeckers on a telephone pole and a great blue heron in someone's (large) yard. There were two ducks in the hollow we use to measure rainfall. It's got a good amount of water but is much lower than last year at this time.

Around the lake, Burgess Mereduck was making his laughing sound. I'm not sure if it's a single duck or a single type of duck that makes this sound.

We spotted three pelicans, die-hards leftover after the bulk of the group flew away a few days ago. Two of the pelicans were on the platform and the third one was swimming by itself.

We spotted one great blue heron. It was on the smaller log before we get to the turtle log. It took off and flew across to land and the other shore of the lake.

It was chilly and slightly overcast so there were no turtles on turtle log. However, there were six ducks on it with two American coots swimming nearby.

Beyond turtle log, Phyllis Ducker was leading a group of swimming ducks. I need to tell Phyllis Ducker's story in more detail sometime.

Beyond Phyllis Ducker there was a great egret in some bullrushes and just past that there were two acorn woodpeckers in a tree. I got a good video of one pulling an acorn out of the tree and then disappearing behind the tree. It's in the video I made that includes photos and videos of some of what I mentioned above:

The video ends with a picture of a bird whose identity I'm unsure of. My initial thought from its posture was that it was a black crowned night heron. If that's the case then based on color it's likely a juvenile.

Later in the afternoon I played unicycle basketball with my buddy Mark at Del Mar Park in Morro Bay. We started by playing Knockout as we usually do. I won the first two games, which was unusual, and Mark ran the table on the final three games.

After Knockout, Mark missed the 3-pointer to determine possession and we played four games. Overall my shooting was better than it's been the last few times we've played.

In the first game I took a lead at 13-12, tied it at 16 and ended with 18. I scored 14 in each of the next three games. However, I missed three absolute gimme layups in the last game.

The most excitement came when we ended with a game of 7's. I won the last time we played that game which was unusual in itself. Yesterday when we played I won with a final score of 6-10.

After missing a couple 1-ons I stuck Mark with a 4-on to take the lead at 2-4. Mark came back and took the lead at 5-6. Then I stuck Mark with a 5-on for the win. Making that 4-on was probably my record.

This is a video of Knockout from a different day: