4 cats on the loop

Kate and I were pressed for time on Sunday morning so we did an abbreviated version of our weekend walk, only doing the loop part and skipping the lake. We still managed to spot four cats. The first one was Tux who we saw just as we stepped out our front door. The second was in the yard where we saw a cat sitting on top of a car a couple weeks ago. The third cat was Luna in the street just beyond her yard. The fourth cat was the tuxedo cat we sometimes see in a yard that has donkeys and a tree that sometimes has a black cat occupying it. We call that one "tree cat" but we didn't see tree cat on the Sunday walk.

The bike path ends at the intersection of Morro Road and San Gabriel Road. Just North of that there's a little area with a couple parking places and picnic tables that I've seen generously described online as a "meadow". On Sunday we saw a lot of parked cars in that area and a group of people in the meadow that I would judge to be birders based on their equipment and activity.

We saw two groups of acorn woodpeckers in easily observable spots. The first spot was the telephone pole where were saw them Saturday. There was also a group on a dead tree in The Hollow.

We saw a great blue heron in the same yard as Saturday. 

It was generally overcast but as we got further along the walk it gradually became sunnier. There was a faint rainbow in a small section on the sky that eventually spanned the whole sky, but still remained faint.

High in a tree we spotted two turkey vultures.