4 cats, 5 pelicans and an escaped goat

We did our regular walk yesterday morning and spotted 4 cats total. It had been raining for a couple days and the creek along the bike path was flowing noticeably for the first time this season:

Atascadero creek along the Salinas River Walk

After spotting Luna in her yard we saw a goat hanging out in the middle of the road. It had apparently escaped from its fenced yard. Kate and I went to report the situation to the owner of the house. They were home but didn't answer and by the time we walked back down the driveway the goat had jumped the fence and returned to their yard. We spotted a cat while we were walking up the driveway.

I spotted a pair of Acorn woodpeckers pecking a telephone pole, one a couple feet below the other.

When we crossed onto San Gabriel Road there were two off-leash dogs by themselves and barking. We hustled towards Morro Road and ones of the dogs followed us for thirty feet or so.

Around the lake there were 5 pelicans. Three were close enough for this photo:

3 pelicans swimming towards 4 cormorants

I also spotted this errant paddle boat near the island:

I wonder how long it will be there before it's corralled. Later on we spotted a tortoise shell cat in a window and a fluffy black cat in a yard.