3 pelicans and 3 turtles


They weather was Sunny and a little chilly yesterday on my walk, but not as cold as Monday or Tuesday. It rained overnight and I didn't go to juggling on Wednesday because of the weather.

On my previous walk I saw fifteen pelicans around the lake which was the most I've seen all year. I had a feeling that the time might be coming for them to part ways with Atascadero Lake. Yesterday, the majority of them did this and there were only three left. Time will tell if this trend continues or if it was just a minor blip. Maybe they'll return in force tomorrow. I'm on the edge of my seat.

There was a smattering of cormorants on the platform but their numbers also seemed to be drastically reduced from the day before.

Besides the pelicans and cormorants there were three turtles sunning themselves on the usual log at the South side of the lake. I also spotted a great heron in the same spot I saw one the day before.

I saw four ducks that were dabbling together but I didn't stop long enough for a photo or video. This video from December shows an example:

When I was approaching the Zoo I heard the flamingos going off but by the time I was close to them they were quiet. That reminds me of something I forgot to put in my post from yesterday. On that was as I passed the Zoo I heard the tiger, Menderu, making his moaning sounds. He does this occasionally but I hadn't heard it for a while (and didn't hear it yesterday, either).