3 pelicans, 4 turtles and a great egret in a tree

The number of pelicans stayed flat on my walk yesterday. I spotted three, same as the day before. Near the start of my walk the first one was swimming alone North of the pier and the remaining two were relaxing on the platform. At the same time there was a group of five ducks swimming together, sometimes in formation. At one point they made a nice V.

As I got closer to the big oak tree Northeast of the island a cormorant took off from the surface of the lake, flew very low over the water and landed in front of the Pavilion.

There was a nice glittering effect on the water near the oak tree as is often the case this time of year on a sunny day with the right wind conditions. I caught a diving duck resurfacing in a short video that I took.

On the streetside of the island there were eight ducks swimming together near the turtle log and there were four turtles on the log.

Just after that spot I spotted a great egret high in a tree.

Coming around towards the Pavilion the two pelicans that had been on the platform got up and flew towards the middle of the lake, joining the third pelican that was in the middle of the lake. The two pelicans were joined by a cormorant in their flight.

Walking past the zoo, I heard a bird at the aviary at the zoo that I haven't heard before. It sounded like a power tool, maybe a drill. Then the sound repeated with a different frequency and modulation.