2 cats, 12 pelicans and uni bball

Yesterday, Sunday, Kate and I did our regular walk in the morning. It got down to freezing temperatures overnight so we started later than usual for the temperature to raise a little bit. On the walk we spotted two cats, twelve pelicans and two great blue herons. The cats were Peanut in his yard and corner cat in their yard. Corner cat was lying in the sun against their house in the spot where their bed usually is. For some reason the bed was moved a few feet away from its usual location.

We also saw what I'm now calling the two free range goats. After seeing them in their fenced in yard for years they're now consistently outside their fence, into the neighbor's yard.

We spotted twelve pelicans total around the lake, the same number as Saturday. Six of the pelicans were swimming back and forth around the Pavilion:

There were also six pelicans on the platform where the cormorants usually hang out:

I would bet that the pelicans bullied the cormorants off the platform.

About where we were even with the platform there was a crow I'm calling Mathew McConacrow who made a sound I've never heard a crow make before. It sounded like the crow whispered, "Hello, hello, hello." At first I doubted what I heard but Kate confirmed what I heard. It was perched on top of one of the wooden boxes around the lake which showed up in the last couple years. I keep meaning to look up what their purpose is.

Since it was sunny there were turtles on the log at the halfway point, however there were only two. When we were across from the turtle log a big group of ducks took off and flew in the direction of the Pavilion. At the same time a great blue heron flew by and landed high on a branch in a tree. We walked another fifty yards and two blue herons flew by, one after the other. One of them was probably the heron that was perched high on the tree branch.

Later on in the afternoon I drove to Del Mar Park in Morro Bay to play unicycle basketball with my buddy Mark. We played four games to 25 total. The last time we played was December 3rd. My hook shots and my jump shot was off then and a month off didn't improve matters. I scored only 6 in the first game and 8 in the second. I picked up in the third and fourth games scoring 14 and 15, respectively. Between games three and four Mark had me film a brief video to post to Instagram. My point scores were low enough that they made the beginning of a Fibonacci sequence. I only needed to score 22 in the last game to complete the sequence. Unfortunately, that was too tall and order for me.

At one point during our play there was a single crow at the highest point on one of the evergreen trees nearby. A little later on a murder of about fifty crows flew by the same tree.

When I got to the court all the pickleball courts except one were occupied. After our first game only one pickleball court was in use. These last players left near the end of our fourth game and after that the pickleball courts were empty.

There were a number of dog walkers who passed by on their way to the dog park. We saw the older woman who wears a long puffy coat pass by.

I didn't record any video from our games but this is a video from November: