Juggling on the docks in Morro Bay 12-23-2022

On Friday, December 23rd, 2022, I met up with Barry, Devin, Kevin, Mario, and Zed down at the docks in Morro Bay to juggle. Here is some of what we did:

00:05 Me and Mario passing 4-count
00:45 Me and Mario passing pass self diagonal self
01:08 - nice run of pass self diagonal self
01:36 - nice run of pass self diagonal self
02:06 Barry and Zed arrive
02:28 2-count
02:45 Attempts at stealing clubs
03:13 Successful steal
03:28 Barry and Zed passing
03:52 Counting it out
05:03 Zed stealing
05:23 Squashed box configuration
06:37 Chopped star configuration
08:32 Mario's Meteor Shower without a ghost
10:10 ... with pirouettes
10:37 "There are no holes"
11:24 Mario's Meteor Shower
12:45 Drop backs
15:20 Carl swaps in for Kevin in drop backs
16:57 Bars discussion
17:00 Carl throws drop backs
19:53 Crossing 6-club and 7-club
20:48 Kevin films from the ground
22:04 Wally walking
22:54 Zed's first wally walk
23:49 Wally walk instruction from Mario
24:47 Mario's wally walking run
25:58 Barry and Mario 8-club doubles
26:47 Passing out 7-club
27:42 Barry and Mario 7-club with multiplexes
28:27 Passing tips
29:59 Triple on 4-count
30:27 Me and Mario on Jim's Jam
30:49 Jim's Jam
31:12 The Cheat's Chutney
31:26 Alternating Jim's Jam and The Cheat's Chutney
32:45 Mario doing the cheat and me switching
33:05 Successful run
33:34 Nice 3-club run from Devin
33:44 Volley club discussion
35:20 Discussion of battery life of my original two Vision clubs
35:55 Practicing Martin's Marmalade
38:02 Carl's Compote mantra
38:51 4-count fls is equivalent to a fast 5-count (discussion)
39:29 Left-handed 4-count
39:52 Left-handed 2-count