Jim's Jamboree

Video animation and explanation of Jim’s Jamboree with live examples.

00:00 Intro
00:04 Jim’s Jam live
00:12 The Cheat’s Chutney (aka the cheat) live
00:25 Jim’s Jamboree explanation
00:37 out of phase explanation
00:46 4-count diagonals with 4-count fls (flip last self) animation
00:59 4-count diagonals animation
01:10 transitions explanation
01:35 4-count diagonals mantra
01:46 4-count fls mantra
02:05 The Cheat’s Chutney live with discussion of Jim’s Jam variations
02:28 Jim’s Jam live
02:41 pass self diagonal self live and discussion of stepping stone patterns
02:52 4-count fls animation
02:59 4-count diagonals animation
03:06 4-count ffs (flip first self) animation
03:13 pass self diagonal self animation
03:20 pass self diagonal self live
03:28 history of learning Jim’s Jam
03:44 4-count ffs explanation and mantra
04:04 pass self diagonal self explanation and mantra
04:15 Jim’s Jam live
04:25 Jim’s Jam mantra
04:33 Jim’s Split Jam animation and explanation
05:08 Jim’s Split Jam animation, simplified version
05:21 Jim’s Split Jam live
05:24 discussion of extreme passes and working up to Martin’s Madness
05:44 Jim’s Split Jam in a shadowbox animation
05:53 Jim’s Split Pair jam animation and explanation
06:25 Jim’s Split Jam right-leg 5-count chocolate bar feed animation and explanation
06:42 Jim’s Split Jam right-leg 5-count chocolate bar feed left-arm Jim’s Jam animation animation and explanation
06:49 Jim’s Split Jam fully connected animation and explanation
06:58 Jim’s Rotating Jam animation and explanation
07:44 explanation of the benefits of practicing the stationary variation of Jim’s Rotating Jam
08:02 all-pass discussion
08:20 5-count star passes animation
08:25 Jim’s Starry Jam animation and explanation
08:58 Jim’s Sidereal Jam animation and explanation
09:19 starting mantras of remaining Jim’s Jam variations
09:25 The Cheat’s Chutney animation and mantra
09:35 Martin’s Marmalade animation and mantra
09:43 Carl’s Compote animation and mantra
09:51 hand rhythm discussion
09:59 Jim’s Jam hand rhythm
10:16 The Cheat’s Chutney hand rhythm
10:26 Martin’s Marmalade hand rhythm
10:36 Carl’s Compote hand rhythm
10:47 Jim’s Spicy Jam animation and spicy variations discussion
11:18 mention of feeding Jim’s Jam
11:30 Jim’s Jam and The Cheat’s Chutney out of phase animation
11:36 Jim’s Jam and The Cheat’s Chutney out of phase live
11:55 Jim’s Jamboree animation
12:05 Jim’s Jamboree mantra
12:33 Jim’s Take Five Jam animation and explanation
14:33 The Cheat’s Chutney live

Special thanks to Christian Helbling for creating the animation program https://passist.org/ which was used in this video.